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Manager Responsibilities

Choose All or a Customized Selection of these Management Service Options:

Property Maintenance

  • Inspect the association’s common properties, equipment, and other facilities.
  • Ensure the association’s property complies with laws and ordinances.


  • Secure trash and garbage collection
  • Plan landscape maintenance
  • Arrange for pest control
  • Hire staff and out-source services as needed


  • Provide emergency call service.
  • Respond to general correspondence.
  • Develop and maintain effective complaint procedure and resolution procedures.
  • Keep records of legal documents, plans. member rosters, financial statements, contracts, annual reports, and meeting minutes.
  • Provide support for volunteer leadership.
  • Develop and administer contracting procedure for bid invitations, bid analysis, contract negotiations, monitoring, inspection, and payment.
  • Prepare and distribute annual report.

Financial Needs

  • Prepare annual operating budgets and long-term reserves budget for capital improvements for board review and adoption.
  • Collect assessments, fees, and other receivables.
  • Ensure checking, savings, and other accounts are maintained, and reconciled.
  • Make association disbursements in accordance with board-approved budget.
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Analyze income and expense comparisons and provide advice.
  • Assist the board’s accountant in performing audits and in preparing the tax reports

Special Services

  • Prepare and provide a welcome packet to new owners.
  • Organize the Annual Meeting.
  • Prepare newsletters.
  • Analyze the Insurance coverage.

Condo Management of Columbus Extra Advantages

  • Your CMOC Management Agreement is cancelable with 90-day notice without penalty.
  • All condo fee checks are made payable to your Association.
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